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Have some questions that need answering? Here are a few questions that may be of use to you.

How can I tell if I need a replacement roof?

The likely signs of thatched garden buildings needing replacement thatch tiles is the straws are coming away from the tiles themselves, this is usually due after about 5-7 years after installing. Wildlife and over hanging trees are usual suspect for this to come about a little earlier than the life expectancy.

Cedar tends to last above the 10 year mark, if you have damage to you cedar roof this is the likely time you will need it replacing. If you see your tiles changing to a silver/grey colour, this is expected and is the natural colour change in the wood.

Another tell tale sign of when your roof needs replacing is the ply on the inside of your building will looks moldy and damp with signs of water penetration.

I'd like to take up a service, what's the process?

Tell us what you would like and we can assist you in many ways. If you are in need of a site visit, we can come alone to the property and suggest which service is in need. Once we've established what we can offer we will take a 40% deposit to secure your position on the schedule, and arrange a time and date best suited for.


If you are unsure on or are unable to make a site visit we are happy to assist over the phone and in email through video call or photos. Photos may be necessary in most parts for re-roofing and restorations projects.

Once the work has been carried out and inspection has been made by the customer to ensure everything is to your satisfactory and take the remaining 60% of the quote on the day of installation.

Do I need planning permission for a garden building?

Our buildings will be free standing and require no foundations. Although you will need a solid level base, Non permanent structures require no planning permission if installed at least 2 metres away from boundary fences. We highly advise the customer to check planning issues regarding conservation and nature reserve areas in advance.

Is delivery and installation included in the price?

Yes for Mainland UK, however a charge may apply for international installations and deliveries.

What base do I need for wooden gazebos?

Any level, hardstanding area can be used; this could be a concrete pad, decking or existing patio. Please contact us to request a copy of our base specifications.

Can we move and relocate our garden building?

Yes, we have a relocation service for garden buildings. We can offer to store buildings with an additional storage charge and refurbish buildings before reinstalling.

Is it normal for thatch to change colour and loose straw?

Standard thatch will change colour to a grey/brown colour within 12 months of installation. Being a natural product, thatch will loose it's straws and may become more prone in areas under trees from wildlife and falling branches. You can contact a thatcher to enquire about a mesh netting which can help with extending the life expectancy.

How often should I treat my garden building?

We ask that you treat the building 12 months after installation and every 3 years after that. Maintaining your building is simple and will allow you to enjoy your structure for years to come.

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